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Youngsters may be inseparable from their mobile phones, but students and teachers of Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) schools will have to learn to live without the omnipresent handset for as long as they are on campus.CBSE has issued a circular banning mobile phones in schools on July 29.

The circular states mobile phones are a major distraction and, at times, even misused. It specifically mentions mobile phones with cameras. “The cameras, which are a common feature now in most mobile phones, can also be misused. There have been enough lessons learnt in the past regarding the use of mobile phones and the Board strongly recommends that students should be convinced about not carrying mobile phones to the school,” the circular states. There is however no penalty if a student or teacher is caught with one on campus.

As the board aims to create meaningful learning atmosphere in the classroom with this initiative even the principal, teachers and other staff too has been debarred from using mobile phones on school premises. CBSE helpline member and Calorx Public School principal said, “Mobile phones in school have more drawbacks than advantages. Even if mobiles are in silent mode students can make use for SMS during class.”


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Internet and its Working

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