Hi friends..!

 I was chatting to one of my friends after a day long training session & suddenly an idea about sharing a blog for motivation, vision creation and providing food for thought came to our discussion. Mohit, my younger friend encouraged & inspired me to write a blog for this site.
Well! I dedicate my first blog to Mohit and site administrator….their effort reminded me of some beautiful lines by Napoleon hill….& a beautiful story of a butterfly.
I share it here under for you……!!!

Strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle’- 
Napoleon Hill

We need to be tested to prove that we have the ability to win. Some tests are severe and make us to learn hard lessons.I read somewhere the story of a butterfly and it goes like this.

A butterfly was trying to come out of a small hole that appeared in a cocoon. A man sat and watched the butterfly struggling to come out. To help the butterfly to come out without the struggle, he took a small scissor and slit open the cocoon and the butterfly came out.  The man was very happy that he helped the butterfly and waited for the butterfly to come out and take its first flight of freedom. He noticed that the butterfly had a withered body and weak wings. The butterfly was never able to fly and spent the rest of its life by crawling around.

The man did not understand that the restricted hole in the cocoon and the struggle that the butterfly goes through to come out is the God’s way of forcing a fluid from the body into its wings and the fluid will give the necessary strength for the wings to fly. Since the butterfly did not go through this struggle, the wings remained weak and shriveled and the butterfly was never able to fly!

Student life is just a journey through a cacoon for enlightenment & wisdom 

The harder is your effort, better is your strength or vice versa.
Learn, Listen & observe………
Most important among them is struggle & continuous efforts.Rajeev Puri is a Chartered Accountant and a visiting faculty at the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, for General Management & Communication Skills classes.

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