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Despite the huge economical growth of the country in terms of  funds and infrastructure facilities, India is still facing the problems like Poverty and Lack of Educational facilities. So we all need to raise a voice, to make every child to get educated enough so as to stand and face this competitive world.  All you need to do is Spread the word about the Awaaz Do movement within your school, college, office and outside.

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Educational institute, Delhi Public School (DPS) today announced that its 5,000 students and faculty members will begin using Microsoft’s Live@Edu, an online communication and collaboration offering. With this solution, students will be able to interact with each other and teachers, or access and share course material from anywhere

Students and teachers will also have personalized ids with ‘’ as the suffix. DPS students will be able to also store information, notes and homework online and also be able to work collaboratively on team projects. Students can also avail of enhanced mailbox capacity of 10 GB and storage of upto 25GB.

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