Students at large contributing major share in mobile phones usage and usage of its services etc. and we agree with it as the economic data represent that too.
So there are many questions arises out of this statement:

Are Students Deviating from Proper English ?

Is SMS language destroying English Language ?

Is the switch in language difficult ?

SMS language not Standardized ?

We welcome you for more questions like this, as there is a debate going on this topic on NDTV Cell Guru.

Debate Panel includes:
Ms. Abha ( English Teacher -DPS {RK Puram, Delhi} )
Dr. Swati Kashyap (HOD – Behavioral & Medicine at Fortis )
Ms. Ishika
Mr. Rajiv Makhani (Editor – NDTV)
Students from various schools of India

They help is giving a warm debating environment on SMS Language,Texting, New Slangs, New Abbreviations etc. So have a look at the debate session and post your comments too.

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